Jog Issues in Build 566

Anyone seeing buggy behavior with Jog in Build 566? I just installed it, and every time I try to move one step (1mm, 0.25mm, or even 0.025 mm) it jumps exactly two of these increments, instead of just one.

The only way I’ve found to move one increment is to switch to Fast mode, try to Jog an odd number of steps, and then sneak back up on the position I was trying for in the first place.

I’m running Win 10 on a new touchscreen PC. I thought it might be a touch issue (long press vs. tap) but even a mouse click seems to do the same.

Help? Thanks!

Do you have the same difficulty when using the keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks for the quick response, Will. Actually, the arrow keys work as they should. So it seems like it’s just the GUI buttons themselves.

I can at least use the arrows as a workaround for now, but it would be great to hear if there’s a long term solution.

Please let us know the specifics of your system setup, and which interface options result in the doubled presses at and we’ll try to get a developer to look into them.

OK - email sent on Friday. This issue is still consistent (even after power down and power up several days later) so hopefully your dev team can find an answer.

@WillAdams any updates by chance? I sent an email last week, but haven’t heard anything back. Just an auto-reponse that my email was received.


This has happened to me in every version I’ve used, while using a laptop trackpad and tapping it to click the buttons. Using the left click button on the laptop works normally. I suspect these idiosyncrasies are related.

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