Making a curved foot

I am trying to design a simple step foot for a cutting board out of walnut.

I just use 2 circles offset with the inside a blind cut and the outside going all the way through.
Is there a way to put a small curve on the outside cut starting at the step?

I attached the cc file that gives me just straight cuts.

Thanks for any help if this is possible.
Cutting Board Feet.c2d (11.6 KB)

I’m having a bit of a hard time visualizing the final form that you would like. Could you draw a rough cross-section of what you’d like to end up with?

Not directly in the free version, for a work-around see:

Or, use a suitable rounding tool:

If you have Pro, then you could model this using the tools in it:


Are you talking about something like this?


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I forget about using a round over bit, I’ll have to take a look at what I have.
Here is a picture of what I made and a sketch of what I wanted. The wife was still happy with the straight cuts but being a perfectionist I wanted round. :smile:
Feet for cutting board

A roundover & a ball mill would do it.

You could also develop it yourself for just a ball mill. Draw in the ball mill on the section view, then transfer the tip of tool down to the plan view & draw in your circles. Measure the tip of each tool for depth of cut.

That would work nicely, it’s the simple things that I try to make difficult :sunny:
It’s a small enough curve that the 1/4" ball EM will work great.

Thank you to everyone for helping.

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