Picture of A Painting

There is a painting that i have taken a picture of with my phone and have downloaded on my pc.
For some reason the jpeg does not want to enter into ccpro. Is there something i need to do? Also, what is the best setting (Samsung phone) to be on to capture the highest quality for cc to work with?
Thanks for your time

Is the painting in the public domain? Did you have permission to take the photo? If the painting is currently copyrighted do you have permission to make a reproduction of it?

What sort of reproduction do you wish to make? Perhaps consider a tool such as:

Do you always assume the worst in people?

Eh, knowing Will I’d guess he was coming at it more from a “there are lots of things to keep in mind when reproducing art and it sounds like you might not know them.”
Just came on a little strong maybe :thinking:

Granted, i don’t know Will so maybe you’re right in suggesting it :person_shrugging:
(but i try not to assume the worst in people :wink:)


Its a family painting which has literally been painted on a wall no canvas. Its about 15’x6’.
The original owner who built the house painted his homeland in Brazil. He painted it in 1952. My parents purchased the house in 1975. The man has since passed, but his family still returns to the area and always visists the house and loves to see the wall painting. Very emotinal for them. Id like to recreate the painting for a number of people who are impacted by it.
I appreciate you mentioning the copywrite stuff, its important too. Im fine in this case however.


Anything i should do as far as the camera settings to optimize quality and pixels? Take black and white?

How far away from the image can you set up a camera? How much (professional) lighting can you bring for the photo? This is not a “Samsung phone” project, because it involves such a large area to capture details. If you don’t already know that “jpeg” is not even involved, then the following suggestion is for you.

This is very much a professional photography item. Hire someone to do it before life destroys the painting.

By the way, what will a 13K sq. in. mural look like on a 150 sq. in. surface?

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I think we have thought waaay too much about what im asking hahaha. From lawsuits to ruining art haha.
I just thought id ask some simple pointers. its a project of feeling more then perfection. Ill do my best with the information ive been given. Thanks for your time everyone, i understand where you are all coming from.

I have a professional cannon camera and with leds these days, i will get some lighting ready for one shot.
Ill look up what is the best pixel and resolution setting on a cannon t4. If anything, i will get a decent image to trace. Finding out what cc wants out of me is my biggest question.

Once you have a good quality pixel image, you have three options for this:

It’s sort of possible to re-work an auto-traced image, but that is negative fun and tedium — once, when I was much younger a box of watches was sent to my workplace and I spent a week re-drawing them so as to make the base for a point-of-presence display which would fit over a pallet (the assumption had been that having the drawing done by a production person would be less than having a professional illustrator or photographer do it) — a week’s worth of drawing and auto-tracing, and re-working auto-tracing later we had an image which ultimately was included in that watch company’s annual stock report, but the next year they sent in photographs.

Might be that you could have someone re-draw it via a service such as Fiverr


Much appreciated WA !!
Ill work with all of this info and come up with something that works for sure. The fun is in the process. Enjoy your day

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