Reflashing Shapeoko 5 Pro Firmware

This is not quite ready for general use, but we wanted to make it available for users having the “busy problem” with their Shapeoko 5 Pro.

We just got it working, and it’s not nearly streamlined enough yet. We need to figure out how to distribute a driver for reflashing from Windows, but if you’re nerdy enough, you can use the Zadig tool at . We’ll look at how to add the driver to CM downloads, but Zadig is all we have right now.

OSX will not need a driver.

The Bootloader button is the unlabeled hole next to the USB port on the SO5 electronics.

We’ll update this post as we get more info and get it all figured out.

How to install the Windows DFU driver: (Until we figure out how to automate it)

  1. Download Zadig from
  2. Open Zadig.
  3. Connect Shapeoko 5 Pro.
  4. Press and hold the Bootloader button.
  5. Press and release the Reset button.
  6. Release the Bootloader button.
  7. In Zadig, pull down the device selection box.
  8. Select the ESP32-S2.
  9. Press the Install Driver button.
  10. Follow the link above to reflash the firmware.

What went wrong in the first version:

We’re not quite sure. This is a new chip for us, and it seems like the USB interface in the chip has some undocumented quirks that caused some characters to get lost. We made changes to how we buffer the messages from GRBL to be sent to the PC, and that has totally fixed the problem in our testing over the past two days.

The changes we made to fix the problem shouldn’t have mattered, but they did, so we’ll chalk it up to lessons learned.


Here is a the is a How To I tossed together.

Fix.pdf (806.5 KB)

May the force be with you.


Is there a direct link to the firmware code?
What was the issue that was changed?

I probably should not have attempted this. The driver is downloaded. I’m “connected” however the download button is not highlighted or responsive.

You are doing fine @pattersonguitars. I tried that from Windows a few times (without using the extra step of using Zadig) in Rob’s starter post instructions. No harm came to my controller.

  1. Try again with the updated instructions from Rob
  2. Use another OS with Chrome for success

Best wishes


Grabbed my Mac from the office. Success!


You are the Dude! Thanks, Brandon!

Thank you and the PDF with screen shots was a lifesaver for those of us that need screen shots.

Ran a few files and then decided to run my shops logo on foam with the dust collection on and everything else. Successful!


Thank you thank you, thank you for this pdf. It was instrumental in reflashing my so5. And now it can actually complete the test file… yeah!


Seconded for the PDF how-to. Very helpful! The firmware update seems to have resolved the issues I was experiencing so far.


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