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I have searched the topics to see if there is a good Tool Library of Carbide 3D’s tools.
I found the shared Json file which was nice, but noticed it was old, the spindle speeds seemed off, and it does not include Material.

So I was wondering if anyone has already created a Tool Library for Fusion 360, for Carbide 3D tools that include the material breakdown? Or am I just a newbie who doesn’t understand Tool Libraries in Fusion 360? Maybe we only need one basic tool and Fusion determines the right offsets based on the selected material?

The “Newbie” DougMan

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Some possibly useful links:

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Hopefully there will be another (more up to date) link added to your list soon :slight_smile:

I’ll be hosting my fusion 360 tool library in a public github repo. Initial commit should be a rough import of the current carbide create tools library.

It will also be updated with more aggressive feeds and speeds as well as misc small tooling as part of my “benchtop injection molds on a nomad 3” journey.

I’ll ping you if/when that repo is accessible. (Hopefully this weekend)


That will be cool. I will wait patiently.
I am confusing myself comparing G-wizard, the Fusion tool library sample, and C3d Create feeds and speeds.

Thank you
The DougMan

There are values in fusion that simply don’t have counterparts in c3d.
They are mostly irrelevant but fusion still requires them so I’ve just kinda… guessed :sweat_smile:

Even though the script to convert them is not quite done, I’ll start a new thread in the next couple days and put up the field maps for c3d to fusion. That’ll probably be helpful in and of itself, at least for understanding what you’re looking at.

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