3D Model of the Shapeoko Pro XL/XXL

As I wait to successfully place my order for the Shapeoko Pro XXL I’m jumping ahead to take the time to learn the software side as I’m new to CNC space. That said I’m currently working with Fusion 360 modeling a table/enclosure which I currently have a cube which represents the published footprint of the Shapeoko Pro XXL on the website. However I’m thinking it would be helpful having a 3D model of the machine to import into Fusion 360 and build around it so I can make design choices that align with the Shapeoko such as position my supports in the tabletop to align with holes in the base of the Pro and so on. Any chance anyone has gone through the trouble of modeling the Shapeoko Pro that could be shared for this project?

Not the pro, but Winston modeled one up (or had one) XL for his enclosure tied to this video:

Video description should have a fusion link in it. I think the Pro is a bit wider (maybe 2 inches?), so maybe account for that, and then for the XXL, it’d be worth going as deep as the enclosure is wide.
Hopefully someone else has a better starting point, but figured I’d toss this your way as at least one resource.
Edit: Could’ve sworn the shapeoko wiki had a 3d model of the different machines, but I can’t seem to find it currently.
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It’s on the Parts page:



c.f., https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Shapeoko_3#Drawings

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Hey ! I wish for you to have nice machining time with your new baby :smiley:

rather that you wait for it and get not only the machine size you have to exactly get the move out size as well as the machine will pass out front the bed

also be sure if you want to use the normal router as Makita , Dewalt or you will get large 2400 spindle !

for enclosure materials please use steel to creat the enclosure it will help to discharge the static and keep your machine connected always with your computer

my first enclosure was from wood and I have many disconnecting issues
now I have no more with the steel enclosure as it always grounds with static discharge .

very good luck to you