Contour vs Pocket vs Drilling

New guy alert, but I just had some drama.

A Contour is the outlining and essential cutout of a given project. OK

A Pocket is the scraping out to a defined level of material between defined lines. OK

Drilling, Crap. I thought it would behave as the other two operations. Apparently not. A DRILL operation goes completely through your workpiece regardless of what else you tell it. For example, I had a 3/4 piece of mdf on the table and wanted to drill some holes. Depth was set at .070 so I could finish them by hand. But NO, the Toolpath drilled completely through and made some nifty little holes in my stock spoil board.

Which begs the question: Does the Drill function always cut through the material or can you adjust the depth? Maybe if I want to go less, I should choose Contour.

Can you post the .c2d file?

It depends on where you had your Z zero set at, Top of stock or bottom of stock?

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That file is on another computer. I am certain that I did something wrong. Don’t know what. When it gets figured out, I shall alert the world.

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If you set the origin to the top of stock, and choose one of the peck options, a Drill toolpath should cut into the stock to the depth specified in a series of operations — always check the preview and turn the toolpath preview on/off when checking underneath for excess travel.

I am having a similar, if not same issue. I’m learning the process so I’m testing with MDF. I am simply trying to do a contour outline of a circle. Zero is set at lower left. Z zero is top of stock. Stock thickness is at .75. Depth of the actual cut is .20. It homes just fine, but when I start the run the router tries to plunge all the way through the material. Does anyone have any idea about what is happening?

i’m still relatively new but this community has been amazing helping me out with questions like this. list your exact steps (even with screengrabs) so we can all see exactly where the problem could be.
Start depth is zero?
are your units inches or MM?
it’s probably something simple, speaking from experience

Just doing a contour outline is tough, if you’re cutting a slot just as narrow as the endmill (drilling has similar challenges).

Best thing is to add geometry and cut as a pocket down to tab height or the penultimate pass.

Where possible avoid slotting and add geometry and cut as a pocket


and consider leaving a roughing clearance and taking a finishing pass.

Will, How are you adding tabs to the pocketing toolpath for a cut out?

You cut down to tab height using a pocket toolpath, then you use a contour toolpath for the contour cutout from the bottom of that pocket.

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Feature request: Tabs available for pocket toolpaths :smiley: