Cutting circles - getting imperfect results

I am having getting true circles; seems I get either a ‘flat’ side on the left side of any circle. I’ve slowed/reduced settings and checked screws/belts etc…no luck. Any advice?

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Which machine do you have? The SO5 Pro (you posted in the SO5 Pro area) doesn’t have belts.

Post an overall photo of your machine?

Possible causes:

  • a mechanical issue with the machine — check the machine per the assembly instructions/checklist
  • a wiring issue with the machine — check all connectors and all the wiring
  • a lack of lubrication of a linear block/rail

The machine needs to be calibrated (belt-drive machines):

The toolpath — are you trying to cut a slot just as narrow as the tool which is markedly deeper?

Where possible avoid slotting and add geometry and cut as a pocket


and consider leaving a roughing clearance and taking a finishing pass.

The nature of the material can play into this as well — Ii you’re cutting wood a useful test is to rotate the stock 90 degrees and cut the file again.

If your machine is electro-mechanically sound, try cutting a test file such as:

and let us know step-by-step how you secured your stock, set zero relative to it, and managed all tool changes and post photos showing how the stock was mounted and how it cut and how the dimensions turned out.

@WillAdams - apologies for late response, was traveling. I misspoke about belts. I have a ShapeokoPro5

If you’ll let us know the specifics of your problem we will do our best to assist.

On an SO5 Pro it is likely loose hardware, (lack of) lubrication, or a toolpath issue.

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