Eagle head cnc carving

has anyone done an eagle head carving?

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I haven’t done just a eagle head but I have done these


Not exactly an eagle head, though there is a head in this carve


Why did you want to know?

Because I am new at this and am very interested in doing one for an old friend for a Christmas present and need help.

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Is there more info on how it was done?

step 1: you need a 3D model of this. Often these are in “STL” file format.
step 2: you turn the STL file into GCODE.
Multiple options

step 3: Cut… best results in my experience is by using a “tapered ball nose” bit, but other ball nose bits work as well.


Wow I guess this is over my head at this point. I only have carbide create not pro Got a lot more to learn. Thanks

you can onilne request a 1 year free license…


btw it’s not THAT complicated. at some point I made a tutorial:

the only update to that tutorial is that one should use https://fenrus75.github.io/FenrusCNCtools/javascript/stl2png.html to convert the STL to a PNG, and not the command line tool


If you find a suitable vector file you can pretty easily use Carbide Create to model it in 3D — I showed doing that at:

c.f., Vcarve pro wide flutes and Carbide Create Pro wavy flag

@nhjester - Don’t be intimidated by the process John. As you can see there is an abundance of help here in the forum form very accomplished craftsman. Your quest is exactly what I set out to do and as @fenrus points out “it’s not that complicated”
Here’s a beer stein made from a piece of on old pallet:

Try searching “free stl” including the subject and you’ll be amazed what’s out there. Eventually you’ll get the hang of modifying or creating your own STLs and that’s when the fun really begins.


I updated my tutorial to match latest tools, and tried to make it really step by step… it’s really not all that hard:

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Never be afraid to try. All success comes from failure. Every project you learn what to do but more importantly what not to do. Try it in mdf before moving on to hardwood.