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I’ve seen on Tools Today’s facebook page a guy with a binder that had all recommended speeds and feeds to start off with with Amana bits. Does anyone have a place I can download this as I am failing to find it or an equivalent
Thanks in Advance!

The Amana feeds and speeds are intended for industrial machines and may not work in ours.

I entered them (possibly inaccurately) into:


Cheers Will, I’ll have a read.
Getting up and going with the machine now so just wanting to be sure of things before I start cutting. First cuts will be next weekend so will be in a better place with understanding the feeds and speeds etc by then!

1 other question while I have you! When my X carriage is completely forward on the machine the V wheels rub against the small 90 degree brackets that secure the belts for the Y axis to run on, even mounting them slightly. Is this normal or should they not be anywhere near it?

You should be able to loosen the belt anchors, cant them out slightly to avoid the interference, then tighten them.

For further information on feeds and speeds see:


for concepts on this and see the series #MaterialMonday:

for specifics.

Extensive discussion at:

and https://shapeokoenthusiasts.gitbook.io/shapeoko-cnc-a-to-z/feeds-and-speeds-basics

with a spreadsheet for this at:

Hi Will,
Thanks for the top on turning the angle anchors, this fixed my issue and was also a tip I passed onto someone on facebook who messaged me to say it sorted their problem too.

I am currently adding a couple of my bits to Carbide Create so I can get started in the next couple of days with cutting.
I am adding V-Bits that I have, Amana Tools RC-1148, however the Edit Tool section in the Carbide Library is asking for “Included Angle” now I understand it is a 60 Degree bit but would this be 30 degrees since it is only cutting with 1 side?
Also would the speeds on ToolsToday’s website be best place to start or are these very conservative?


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Carbide Create 316 and earlier versions used taper angle, but current versions use the nominal angle.

My understanding is the various feeds and speeds Amana publishes are not conservative at all, but are intended for industrial machines.

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