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Does anybody have a United Sates Navy logo that they have used to cut? I have downloaded 3 files off the internet and tried to set it up for a vcarve, and every file wants it to cut around the letters and the rope edge, etc., instead of vcarving the actual letters, rope, eagle, etc. Either I am really tired and I’m not doing something simple I’ve done on everything else, or I can’r find the right file. Any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to cut this on a piece of pine for a friend that is building a wooden storage box for her son. Thanks

Which logo do you want? The official seal?


Note that you can flip whether the background or foreground is V carved by adding or removing a surrounding path.

The emblem is probably a bit more workable: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Emblem_of_the_United_States_Navy.svg

If you can find a b/w version, they’re usually better suited to V carving — though you may need to work around Carbide Create’s inability to control depths beyond the default, see: V carve + inside pocket?

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U downloaded 2 different black and white images I bought on Etsy. Both do the same thing. I found the one you showed on Wikipedia also but couldn’t get it downloaded to try either. Here is a screenshot of what it shows when I use the vcarve tool path, see how it wants to carve around the letters instead of in the letters, etc.?

typo…“I downloaded”

Post the source file and we’ll do our best to walk you through fixing this.

Here are the files I got and tried to use. Thank youusnavy.zip (1.7 MB)

Dont buy logos from etsy, it’s a rip off and they dont have the right to sell them.
HOT TIP: if you cant find a logo online, try looking for a PDF document (random form, annual report, whatever) from the organization in question… usually these have vector logos embedded in them and you can select and export them out with illustrator or Inkscape or whatever.


Okay, if you import this, and center it on a 7"x7" stock you get:

which if assigned a V carving toolpath looks like:

One issue is that the provided file has duplicated/stacked geometry.

Select each path which is darker than a non-stacked path and delete it:


Then select the inner geometry for the rope and outset it an appropriate distance:

then delete any superfluous geometry:

and when added to the toolpath results in:


Since there are 3 paths for the inner circle, it’s simply a matter of removing the inner from the toolpath:

which results in:



us navy.c2d (1.5 MB)


Thank you so much Will! So, the rope part, you added an offset to the inner “oval” pieces and once you had that you assigned a new tool path?

How exactly do you do that?

Yes, selected all of the inner oval rope pieces and offset them as shown.

I edited the toolpath, then added the new geometry to the selection.

This is a JPEG of the STL file I have, however, the .stl file is huge being just under 19 MB. IF you want this version we would have to figure out how to get it to you - and for me that would be on a disc.

I just grabbed this image off Google images:

I flood-filled the outside to be black so that the rope and UNITED STATES NAVY letters are just floating in the background. Then I inverted everything except the inner-most white circle with the eagle to get:

Then using PixelCNC I just loaded the image as a raster-layer, set my v-bit, created a medial-axis carve operation and that was that:

Dont know if it’s anything that may be of use but If you need to email big files I have found www.mailbigfile.com very good and it’s free. You can send files up to 4GB in size. I use it for sending vinyl proofs to customers.

Very reliable.

Thanks for the help! I was able to use the corrected file that Will did to make the cut. I appreciate everyone’s help,


Here’s another Navy logo — unfortunately, the available one isn’t suited for cutting since it is drawn/composed oddly:

Changing it to use outlines which do not overlap allows one to make a file which works properly:


USN_symbol_B&W.c2d (1.1 MB)

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