Sharing Carbide Create Dovetail Files

Okay, making progress on the 3D modeling (w/ some help from the OpenSCAD mailing list/forum):

EDIT: Subtracting one from the other is easy — now I need to work out the toolpaths / geometry to make that as an actual cut.

Did you ever try this out?

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In Camotics it’s possible to enter a dovetail bit as a stub endmill:


which then allows one to preview how the file will cut:

I believe it’d be helpful to have a jig to ensure that the parts are lined up accurately:

dovetail_fixture.c2d (132.1 KB)

Though I’ve been using it only to line things up to clamp for the cut:

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Workholding gave way for the next to the last cut, and didn’t quite get things lined up on the last, but at least this proves the concept:


Will I downloaded the dovetail file and when I click on to it opens the connect to cutter .
So what am I doing wrong

You would want to open:

in Carbide Create and make toolpaths suited to your machine — hang on though, I’ve got a generalized fixture which I’ll be posting (along w/ a hardware list and photos showing it in use) which should work better.

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Yeah, there’s a rumour that the program will be made freely available since the developer passed away, but I haven’t heard anything beyond that.

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Did you really just clamp the board directly to the frame? I think I may have been way overthinking my need to mount a clamping system to my table.

Yes. The fixture I made is for fine/consistent positioning, then I have a pair of clamps which are ground down to fit in-between the front frame and spoilboard and use them with a suitable board — eventually I’ll make one which has a slot to hold things together so it’s not quite as fiddly.

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