Modeling a bowl in Carbide Create

Designing a bowl:

which is:

First, set the stock size:

Draw a rectangle the size of the stock:

Offset it to the inside by the height of the piece:


Draw in rectangles to define the curved portions:

Switch to the modeling pane and begin modeling:

Hang on, gotta back up.

Set the stock to:

With the added stock area, modeling the outside curves works as expected:

(but we’ll need to reduce the height slightly and quit and restart):

Repeat for the other sides:

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Another great tutorial to get folks started with something new, thanks @WillAdams !

Okay, filed a bug report, so back on this since @wmoy clued me in.

We need to expand the stock area because of a bug where geometry which is to close to an edge under certain conditions doesn’t interact with the 3D modeling:

Draw an inset rectangle the size of the previous one:

Draw in the rectangles as before:

then extend each so that the narrow ends reach past the stock area:

Model as before.

Draw in the base:

Draw in geometry to remove the excess:

Working out the geometry and modeling to flip this and cut out the balance of the design from the underside is left as an exercise for the reader.

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