Tool libraries for Autodesk Fusion 360?

Had someone asking after these — is there any sort of repository for them?

It’d be nice to have something like to:


C3D (2.1 KB)
This is the tool library I made and sent to a couple people. Feeds and speeds are not specialized for any material, but the tool info is mostly there…


I’ve provided a link to mine somewhere else in the forum. But I need to update it and will post here after I have done so. Not sure that answers your question though @WillAdams. I think it would be beneficial to crowd-source a “one Fusion library to rule them all” for SO3 owners, but I’m not sure of how to go about doing that. We would need someone to maintain the library of course.

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It’s at:

Yep, I’m just not sure if it is synced up with my latest updates or not.

Because I teach on the Shapeoko and Fusion in a public setting, I am very interested in having the Carbide 3D tools ready to import.

Considering Fusion stores these as JSON, it makes sense to me to use Github to work towards standardizing Carbide 3D’s tool library.

I quickly put together a repository based on Winston’s library that can serve as a starting point. If someone from Carbide 3D would like to be the maintainer of the repo, that would be ideal, but I’ll try to keep up with it until then.


Thanks Will for the tool definitions, and Michael for putting the repo together.

FYI: I found out today that Fusion is generating a spurious M7 (turn on flood coolant) code, which my Shapeoko does not like. I have submitted a pull request to Michael’s repo with a corrected tool definition file that disables the coolant settings. Thought I’d mention it here as this thread is one of the first google results for “fusion 360 carbide tool definition”. Thanks all!

BTW: Here is a link to the forked repo with the fix, if you are seeing this before the pull request is approved: Forked Repo with tool coolant removed


Hello, I am unable to download the file and get the Carbide 3D tools into Fusion 360. When I click on the link, it takes me to an autodesk fusion 360 page with an icon with your file, but I am unable to click on it and download the file to move it to Fusion 360.


That’s probably thanks to Autodesk choosing to disable the sharing functionality for ‘hobby’ subscriptions.

Thank you!