Anyone here from Texas

I bought and assembled my Shapeoko XXL over a month ago… very easy assembly.
Struggling with Carbide Create, yes I have spoken with Support. Very nice but not really much help.
What I’d like is some one in Texas willing to assist me in learning Carbide Create in person.
Yes! have looked at every video tutorial so don’t suggest that anymore please… apparently I learn hands on.
If I could go back I would have not bought this machine but that is not an option so I must learn it now.
Is there anyone out there that tutors in person?

What difficulty are you having?

If you’ll send in a file or project we’ll gladly work up a custom step-by-step tutorial — I don’t see that you’ve asked a question which was not answered — if there’s something you’re dissatisfied with, please let us know at

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Is there a makerspace near you? Some of them have shapeoko’s and can usually do classes.
Also where at in Texas are you?
And I think the facebook group has a map of users, so you may want to check there, or also for that.

Corpus Christi. I have not tried Face Book but I will this evening. Thanks.


I am not in Texas (rural south central Kansas) but struggled to learn Carbide Create - and still get frustrated doing some basic functions.

Thought I would reach out and see how you are meeting this challenge. Were you able to find some in-person guidance ?

I have looked for someone in my area with no success. I do not do Facebook so the Carbide3d Facebook group was a dead end. There is a MakerSpace about 40 miles from me so I posted a request on their forum and received no response.

Hopefully you have found a helping hand.

Merry Christmas


I offered to do a video call but haven’t heard back from Joel

Again, if you have watched:

and read through:


that should cover the basics — we have a number of tutorials:

The prototypical make a coaster project:

obsolete with CC’s new corner options, but a useful tutorial on Boolean operations or doing this to imported or drawn objects

The best thing is to start with some basic task, puzzle out how to do it, then add a slight adjustment or improvement — keep building on each success, and when you have a difficulty, posting a specific, focused question either here or to and we will do our best to explain in terms which make sense to you, and which you can learn from and apply.

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Just saw response. Sorry for not replying. I’ve been busy at work and stepped away to reset my brain on cnc.
I may take you up on offer. Thanks.

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