Community Challenge #27: VOTE HERE

Oh my, so many fantastic entries in challenge 27

Let’s vote!
(gentle reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote)

There are so many entries that you guys broke the limit of 20 entries max per poll, so I’ll split this up into two polls: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTES ON BOTH POLLS!

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Vote will close on Jan 23rd, midnight PST. Good luck!


Second poll:


The entry map:


Super inspirational entries! Many new and excellent techniques to try as well! Sure hope the contest hiatus doesn’t last too long.
Thank you CC and @Julien for conducting these contests.


Allright, this it it.

@Caffein8ted wins first place in a landslide with his wonderful piece.
@Sarge013 gets second place with that beautiful copper text cutout,
and @coreyt gets Jury’s prize (and popular vote for third place) for a great looking playwall room sign that was spot on for the challenge theme.

There will be a C3D spindle kit with your name it, soon-ish. @Jorge will be in touch with you.

Congratulations to all participants, we have seen some really incredible entries again!


Thank you @Julien, @Jorge, & the rest of the Carbide team! Amazing work from the whole community especially @Caffein8ted & @Sarge013 (cant wait to give that inlay technique a try!) in this one, it was a super fun contest to be a part of on and I’m honored to have placed! Here’s to hoping theres not too much of a hiatus until the next one.


Once again thank you @Julien, @Jorge and the Carbide team for putting on another great community challenge. I really do enjoy how these challenges introduce new themes and the response from the community with excellent entries that definitely do provide the opportunity to learn and explore new tricks/techniques to take into future projects and this round was no exception with all the great entries. So like @coreyt I’m also honored to have placed and congrats @Coreyt and @Sarge013, I’m sure you’ll put those spindle kits to good use. Also hoping there’s not too long of a hiatus and see you all here again in the not too distant future… Soon-ish!!!


Congrats @Caffein8ted, that was quite a overwhelming vote total you accumulated, but clearly well deserved with the amount of work and planning you did with your project.

As well @coreyt , the idea to add the led cob lights I think was the perfect finishing touch.

Finally, as I’m sure we all are, thank you to Carbide3d, @Julien , @Jorge and anyone else behind the scenes that helps all of this come together. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge is, whenever it is.


that was a fun challenge, I love the amount of creativity around here. good work everyone

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This was a great challenge, congrats everyone!
@Caffein8ted @Sarge013 @coreyt shoot me a PM with your address and t-shirt size :slight_smile: