3D Model - Creating a Ramp object

I either need some guidance, or I am requesting a new 3D modeling feature for Carbide Create.

Built into Carbide Create is the ability to model Flat, Round, and Angle. In the screen shot below the top object is the classic “Angle” which produces a pyramid shape. What I want is (what I am calling) a “Ramp” shape, like the 2nd and 3rd objects below. Ramps angled horizontally or vertically.

A “Ramp” is almost the same thing as an “Angle” object, but the height just varies on two sides instead of all four. I created the (attached) c2d using imported gradients, but not very good ones. Ideally what I want is ramps at a specific angle and/or height.

Ramp.c2d (562.6 KB)

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Can you start with a rectangular prism and then subtract out triangle shaped volumes to get the “ramp” shape you are looking for?

EDIT: I guess I need to play with CC more. I am not sure what it can do. I am going to leave this just in case there is that ability,.

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That works.

I was able to get:

my making a prism and subtracting what was not wanted:


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