Trial Ver 432 3D carving Not finding much info other than a Star

Needing a little help with what Carbide Create can do and what it can’t do. Seems any videos I find and even in this site are all done with Vcarve software or fusion360. Can Carbide Create carve from an image like “Mikes” lighthouse? or a horse. Also I am using a Mac. Thanks for any insight

You should be able to make any image which you wish into a 3D image in Carbide Create Pro — please see: Carbide Create Pro - First Look for some more details. There is a video tutorial at: Starting with 2.5 d carving

If you continue to have difficulties, please post the image you are working with and we will do our best to help.

Thank you for the fast response. maybe something like these images.
I have a little grasp on the concept of the different layers starting with the block, then subtract the area then add back the image round. but maybe I am missing something else.

Here is an SVG I created but it might be too much to start with

Any thoughts on how to do these type of carvings on Carbide Create. Thanks again

There are 3 ways to go about this:

  • export as a pixel image, then see what it looks like as a texture — unfortunately the shadowing will interfere with this
  • import as an SVG and use the vectors to create an outline
  • re-draw/model in either Carbide Create or a 3D modeling program

As an SVG, the structure of the drawing works against this — areas which should be the same depth are depicted by separate geometry:

As a texture, it’s a bit rough looking:

Attached. owl.c2d (369.9 KB)


@WillAdams Unfortunately that file needs Carbide Create PRO to open it, and my trial expired. Is there a way to extend the trial in the meantime before PRO is released for purchase?

I was able to go back to and request a new trial license. Now I’m back in business.

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I loaded the owl.c2d file but and I am sorry to have to ask. How do you create the tool path from that?
Not asking for you to completely create the tool paths just there is not vector to select to the make the path with.
Has someone created a tutorial on this?
Thanks again

Added a box around it and then asked for a rough 3d. That gave me a Toolpath.


That’s how I did it too. You need to be able to select a vector path to create a tool path. Drawing a box around the 3D shape does that. Vectric Aspire has a function to create a vector path tightly around a 3D shape so that you can make a profile cut around the shape. I did not see that feature in CC, so I assume you would have to manually trace around the 3D shape to make a profile cut, or to cut only the 3D shape and not any of the surrounding material.

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