Community Challenge #30: Vote Here

Thanks all for the great submissions! This was a crazy amount of projects. I’m going to basically make the poll for users and I think due to the forum limitations on polls, there will be two posts to vote on, so please make sure to vote in both. Voting will close at the end of the 19th. Please refer to this list to pick out your favorites:

MarkE: Live Edge river and lakes
68camino: Enameled Hummingbird with flowers
Zman: Hexagon numbered design
Jmillerdesign: Jurassic Park Sign`
Profexorgeek: Topographical Wyoming mountain for cabin
Tod1d: Custom American Flag, Hanson Farms
Usedspacecraft: Cutting board with Minion
Pakeeper23: Laser coloring kit, Octopus, shark, Seahorse
Pakeeper23: Paintable Laser ornament
Pakeeper23: Laser coloring kit, Days until Christmas
Scolba: Ravenclaw Sorting Plaque
Scolba: Family Ornaments
Scolba: Family Puzzle
Scolba: Love Multiplies
Brahau65: Cougar Ink / Brad’s custom signs
Wchurton: Poem on serving board
AquaVitasCNC: 3 stage epoxy light up Christmas tree
SnackDaddy: Brittany Spaniel Serving Tray
Randy61: Eagle flag and cross carving
Rafi: Marriage sign with initial
• Phantomrider: Georgia Bulldogs Champion sign /
• Phantomrider: Little Mermaid Custom sign
• Phantomrider: Nativity scene silhouette
• Phantomrider: 3D dog portrait

• Phantomrider: Jeep sign
• Phantomrider: Engraved box with magnets
• Phantomrider: Grandma Sign
• Phantomrider: Custom Dog heart sign
• Phantomrider: Texas “Come and take it” sign

Atrueresistance: Personalized wooden bear family
Zarivara: Colorful Rooster Wall Art/Catch All Tray with Epoxy inlay
Zarivara: Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest
Ed.E : Pair of knives and display boxes
TheWoodworker: Topographic map
Bridges_Built: Wooden Truck
Gmarkos: The Tooth Fairy Was Here
Jeremym: “This is fine” 3d box with LEDs
Patickbrock: Jiu Jitsu belt holder with quote
Patickbrock: Cedar sign with Names and Daylily
Patickbrock: INDY 500 logo sign
Gmarkos: “This is Your Heartbeat…This is your Heartbeat While Fly Fishing” charcuterie board.
Woodworking_Ryan: Custom Outdoor Kitchen sign
Xadiant: custom coasters
JoeA: HOLD MY BEER The mechanical beer holder

Poll 1 of 2
  • MarkE
  • 68camino
  • Zman
  • Jmillerdesign
  • Profexorgeek
  • Tod1d
  • Usedspacecraft
  • Pakeeper23
  • Scolba
  • Brahau65
  • Wchurton
  • AquaVitasCNC
  • SnackDaddy
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Poll 2 of 2
  • Randy61
  • Rafi
  • Phantomrider
  • Atrueresistance
  • Zarivara
  • Ed.E
  • TheWoodworker
  • Bridges_Built
  • Gmarkos
  • Jeremym
  • Patickbrock
  • Woodworking_Ryan
  • Xadiant
  • JoeA
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Today is the last day for voting!

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Congrats to the winner:
@MarkE who will get a VFD kit

@68camino will get our new Crush-It Pro Clamp kit

And our runners up will receive our Crush-It Essentials Kit:

We have a tie for 4th runner up. You three can thank @Jorge since he’s basically Oprah now:
You all get Crush-It Essentials Kit as well!
I’ll be reaching out shortly to get shipping info.
Thanks again for all the participants. It’ll be a bit before our next contest, but keep an eye out.



Did you already reach out? Just want to make sure I did not miss it.