Tutorial for Carbide Create

Newie questions I have completed assembly of Shapeoko XXL and ran thru checking the Calibration, squareness of the X-Axis and Y-Axis and Tramming the Z- Axis thanks to the Youtube video (https://youtu.be/K4LXorGv-Lc) I am surprised that Carbide 3d doesn’t there own video or maybe they do and I cant find it.

Back to my question: I am trying to find a tutorial on Carbide Create. I seen a quick video where Winton goes thru some highlights. But I am trying to understand When I create a Square (For Example) then go to tools paths. I can select Contour Cut then select Outside Cut, Inside Cut and No Offset. Seems straight forward but How do you apply an offset? What does NO OFFSET actual mean? Do you modify the cutter and is this the StepOver(Offset)? Just trying to get a handle on terminology.

Maybe it me but is there a physical location for manuals, Tutorials for each instrument? Support hasn’t responded after a couple of days so I suspect there are backed up on emails.

Try this link and see if it helps you.


What e-mail address did you use to ask? Not seeing an open ticket on this.

As @Pops2 noted we have video tutorials (which were made w/ an older version)

There is a basic page:


which was made before some recent program changes, so only useful as a general sort of guide, and not sure how well they will print out.

There is a keyboard shortcut PDF:

which many folks find helpful to print out for reference.

I’ve been working on:

There is an overview at: Modeling Instructions - #6 by GJM

and there are two official videos:

Mostly we do custom tutorials:

If there’s something which you’re having difficulty with we’ll gladly work up a tutorial which address that.


yep this is what I was looking for. How does a new user find these docs & videos?

The video tutorials which @Pops2 linked are part of the official documentation:

select “Guides”:

select “Carbide Create”

to arrive at:

Hey Guy.

We just posted a two part series on getting started with Create. Check out part one here:


We also have a bunch of content in production and post production right now on this exact topic. I’ll circle back here as we get it posted.

The questions you ask are good ones and can lead you to many learning opportunities. Best thing to do is pick a project and start experimenting. Coasters, catch trays, cutting boards are great starters to experiment and learn.

There’s no substitute for the experience running the machine and making stuff. You’ll make mistakes along the way and learn.

Welcome to the family and CNC. You’ve made a great choice to dive in.


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