User guide for Carbide Create Pro features

Most of Carbide Create is pretty intuitive and easy to figure out. My question is around the Model tab in Carbide Create Pro. While we pay for these extra features, there appears to be no documentation around them. Could someone point me the the right direction(do these guides exist?)? I have an idea how it works but I would like to have a more thorough understanding.


There is an overview at:

and videos at:

I’ve written up a bit on various aspects:

Please note the requirement that geometry extend beyond model to cut successfully:

If there’s something specific which you wish to know about, let us know and we’ll do our best to look into it w/ you.

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Thank you for this. Would be nice to have these in the walkthrough or linked from the walkthrough. I am glad they exist, and just had issues finding it.

We’ve just transitioned to v6 as the stable version:

which should give us a stable version to document.

The 3D modeling is pretty basic — just select geometry and apply 3D modeling to it — since you get a 3D preview on demand you can try different settings until they achieve a desired effect and things make sense.

Hopefully the nomenclature used is clear enough — if you get stuck on anything post the file and a description of your problem here or to and we’ll do our best to assist.

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